London Lix – Precious LLittle Virgin

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Description: Mmm another virgin plaything. You guys are a rare breed these days, which is why I think you need to resolve to be a virgin forever for me. I'm going to make you stroke and cum for me today, and in the process, convince you to only cum this way for the rest of your life. You don't need the awkwardness and disappointment that comes with sex. As the years tick by it's becoming harder and harder to expect that a woman will accept your virgin status without assuming something is very wrong with you. You're safe with me. You're safe from rejection and humiliation, you're safe if you just keep that dick in your hand and nowhere else. You've been jerking off to porn for years and now reality will never compare to the fantasy you've built up in your head. Stay sweet. Stay innocent. Cum for me, and stay my precious little virgin forever.
Models: London Lix
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