Sandra Latina - Your Two Purposes

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Description: This was a custom video here is the script I followed…Hello goddess. I was hoping you would be able to create a custom video with the following premise. I would serve two purposes for you: one to be your chair while you waited 4 men to arrive at your house and to service those men’s bbc when they arrive . In the video you would place me face up between the couch cushions and sit your beautiful ass on my face only every so often coming to give me air . The whole time you would be talking about how much of a useless faggot I am who was only good for being a chair and sucking cock. I prefer you be as vulgar as possible. Many shots of your ass pressed against the camera as if you were sitting on it , and occasionally come up to look disgusted at me. If it would also be possible for you to war black tights or yoga pants.
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Models: Sandra Latina
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