Lindsey Leigh - Full Body Take Over

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Description: Grab a bottle of liquor, shot glass, bottle of and some lube. You need to dedicate an hour solely to me. I am going to fuck you up. This is all about establishing my control over you mentally and physically. This will be a hard jerk off challenge, not many men can last a whole hour masturbating. You will be brought to the edge numerous times, you will have to fight this urge. At times I will be irresistible and bend the way you think, you will submit. This is an intense full body take over! You will be pushed to your sexual, mental, physical and financial limits. This clip has heavy erotic and sensual domination and should be watched often to imprint me permanently in your mind. Think you can handle one hour of teasing, tasks, mind fucking and edging?
Models: Lindsey Leigh