Madam Violet - An Apple a Day

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Description: Pure, delicious, Femdom Hip no si s. With some cock and brain tinkering. Come to Me slave and let Me play with your mind. Stare deep into My beautiful eyes, and feel the physical sensation of falling as your mind slips down and down through the holes I create. THIS is what its all about, EROTIC trance, a SEDUCTION that pulls you along, a POWER that pulls you in. That perfect feeling of slowly LOSING all control, all free will, as a STUNNING, Woman takes it from you. I want to take you down SLOWLY so I can take you down DEEPLY, you will be suspended, held by the power of My gaze and pulled down through the power of my words. Fractionation, progressive relaxation, count down with eye closure technique, topped off with trigger words all enough to acutely alter your state of mind, add to that My CAPTIVATING beauty, the glint in My eyes, My perfect pink LIPS and you are mushy, mindless, man-meat. My prisoner. Feeling Me take all your power away is so arousing, beyond the physical, I touch you INSIDE and you can FEEL it. You can also feel My confidence, My soft, gentle ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY over you is palpable, giving it ALL up to Me and letting go is simply the BEST thing in your life. After teasing your mind until it opens up like a delicate flower for Me, I move on to your body, building pleasure, that sexual energy. All of it travelling to one place. I want you to feel MORE pleasure, take out your cock, do not touch. Using an everyday word I trigger you to amplify the pleasure in your body, over and over again, more and more, all that PLEASURE building in your dick, and you cant touch. Well maybe just the tip, just for a second, SPREAD that pre-cum around the head. Ordered to stop touching youre triggered again, and again. Such an innocent word, unleashing such pleasure, and of COURSE I anchor all that SUBMISSIVE sexual arousal to this word, common, but not too common. It is certain to come up at some point - as will you! Whenever you hear this word - from anyone - a powerful wave of submissive sensations, a hard cock, instant desire will wash through you, and you will be left needing Me, wanting Me, dripping for Me. Just like you are now.Contains: PMR, eye closure technique, countdown, trigger words, anchor implantation, post hip no tic suggestions and triggers, binaural beats, mental programming, tease and denial.
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Models: Madam Violet
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