Worship Latex Barbie in Limp Dick Loser

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Description: You aren’t a real man. You are a pathetic limp dick loser. That cock has never worked properly. You can’t please women with it, because you can’t get it up for them. You have conditioned yourself over time to only be able to get it up for FemDom porn, the meaner the better. You don’t deserve pussy – your sex life is destined to be online, and you must pay for it. It’s in your loser DNA. It’s the natural flow of things. I mean, have you noticed your limp dick causing you trouble in real life? Perhaps it’s betrayed you, screwed up your life so bad, that you can’t please your wife. Maybe she’s started cheating on you. Maybe it will end in divorce. Your limp dick lets you down, again. Accept your place in life, as a pathetic limp dick loser.
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