Worship Latex Barbie in Villianess Gives a Lapdance

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Description: Your eyes flutter open, as you find yourself strapped to a chair, naked. Before you stands your beautiful arch nemesis. “Hey there hero boy. Looks like you are really fucked now. I’ve programmed and paralyzed you… well, all except *one* part…” as she grins and looks down at your stiffening dick. ‘I know you are madly in love with Me. I know the struggle between good vrs. evil is just ** you, so I’m going to let you have one last orgasm before it’s all over…”She drops her robe to reveal a shiny, tight yellow catsuit and boots. She begins lap dancing, shaking her has in your face, you become mesmerized and drawn in by Her evil power. There is no escape. You might as well just enjoy it, this is going to be your very last orgasm ever…
Models: Latex Barbie
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