Miss London Lix in Money Isnt Everything

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Description: This clip is for you if you’re still on the fence about findom. Perhaps you haven’t fully embraced the idea of how much contributing to my life can contribute to yours. Perhaps you tribute but get pangs of guilt, fear and remorse after doing so. I’m here to ask you; what the fuck are you so afraid of? It’s almost as if you’re placing way too much of an onus, on the importance of money. Money isn’t everything, sweetheart. Even if you go bankrupt for me (unlikely), you’ll still have your health, your friends, your family. In the seconds after sending me a 4 figure tribute, you’re not stripped of the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of your favorite comedy, or the feeling of grass beneath your feet. Stroke for my lingerie and louboutins as I take you on this mindfuck of a guilt trip, berating you for abandoning the free pleasures in life, and sensually encouraging you to undo the binds of your slavery to money, by handing it all over, to me.
Models: London Lix
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