AmericanMeanGirls presents Princess Carmela in Grovel in the Gravel

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Description: This slave has been left chained to a rock out in the harsh desert environment for 3 days and 3 nights without food and water. When Princess Carmela comes out to check on him (and LAUGH at him!) the slave breaks down and cannot help but throw himself at Carmela’s feet, begging and groveling for mercy at her cruel boots. He begins to sob and is literally begging to be brought back to the punishment camp after being left out in the wilderness for 3 days without food or water. Princess Carmela decides to “test” him and see how desperate and humble he is. She requires him to lick the dirt and sand off the soles of her boots while she listens to him BEG… He even tells her about how the coyotes come around at night, eyeing him up as their next meal…he is so scared that he may not have the strength to be able to fight them off if he goes another night without food or water! Will Carmela release the slave and drag him back to the indoor facilities and the Mean Girl Desert Correctional Compound? Or will she simply laugh at his predicament and allow her sadistic tenancies to get the better of her and intentionally leave him out here to perish?? Or will she come up with something even MORE cruel and heartless?? Watch the clip to find out, slave…
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