Goddess Jasmine – Lick My Ass

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Description: You’ve dreamt of this on so many occasions. Awoken by a puddle of wet mess and the reality that it’s never going to happen but only be a dream for u every single night. Lucky you as I tease you with my curvaceous ass today, tormenting you weaker and weaker. Push your nose right up against that computer loser, lick your screen and imagine you are licking my divine ass hahaha. Oh I bet your in ecstasy aren’t u. Your computer covered in drool, slobber and general loser disgustingness. You’re so desperate for my ass. It rules you in every single way possible. You need your daily dose of my ass or simply your day can not go forward. Your mind is warped with images of my juicy butt, it is everywhere and so it should be. Knowing how weak you’re for my ass only spurs me on, to fuck with you further, to tease you till you cannot take anymore. Can you imagine how sweet my ass tastes? How soft it would be to lick my ass crack? It would be a taste of heaven right. Go on loser, drool for me, lick your screen and beg me over and over again to taste my perfect ass.
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Models: Goddess Jasmine
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