Raquels Fellatio Fantasies – Jerking For Jesus

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Description: A few of your rebellious friends around Sunday school have been whispering to each other n you about how theyve been getting some of the girls to do things out of wedlock. Blow jobs, hand jobs, you name it; anything u want… as long as you say that jesus has sent you to them in order for their assistance in releasing the holy spirit from your body. You cant help but laugh at how ridiculous it sounds, or that some poor girl would fall for it… but due to your hormones and eagerness, you decide to give it a shot when you pass a hall one day and see one of the girls praying. You, are shocked 2 find that your friends werent lying, that these girls are willing to do anything in the name of faith if it means to help their lord and savior; it only taking a few words on your part to get the praying girl Raquel to take your cock into her hands. Hesitant at 1st due to not being experienced, Raquel slowly grips and strokes at your cock; becoming turned on and aroused that her hands, are to be the ones to help release the holy spirit; she picks up her pace. U`are in disbelief how skilled this innocent girl is at handling cock, her pumps nearly making your toes curl! With hands so good, you only feel slightly bad once you`ve had your release & inform her that you werent sent by Jesus; and that youve tricked her.
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