Humiliation POV Princess Kaelin: Brat Girl Love Addiction Mind Fuck, Fall Deeper and Deeper

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Description: You love bratty girls, don’t you? I know how desperate youre, I know how weak and pathetic you are. You are fucking desperate for a hot brat to tell you what to do, to remind you how much of a loser you are. It’s pathetic really. I mean only a total loser would subscribe to a site like this so you can get as much humiliation as you want. It’s so pathetic but you love bratty girls like me, who are too hot for you, so far out of your league that you can’t even touch us. All you can hope for is that we throw you a bone n make video 4 u so you can jerk your stupid cock. There are so many losers out there, so many useless members of society that just sit around walking all day. You could be doing something productive with your life, but instead you focus on girls like me, flipping you off and telling you how to jerk your pathetic dick. You are so obsessed with jerking your dick that it’s lead you down this little worm hole. Admit it, you can’t cum unless you are being humiliated. U re fucking addicted. You can’t even get hard any other way than watching some fucked up humiliation video. It’s truly pathetic. But I don’t care how fucked up you are, in fact, I don’t give a fuck about you, you just love that I am a bratty bitch and I tell you like it is. I tell u the truth, and the truth is you’ll never have a girl, you’ll only have me, forever. Me humiliating you, me telling you how to jerk off. It’s me, you, your hand, and your computer screen forever. And you’ll never quit, you love staring at me too much, you love my words, how they eat away at your soul. This lifestyle is your only shot of getting attention from a hot girl. So you’ve learned to love it. You love being berated, you love spending your money, because you are a weak little loser. With every clip you watch, you get weaker. With every orgasm you have you lose another piece of your dignity that you can never get back. Once you have my words planted inside that mind of yours, they can never be erased. You’ll never be normal again. Ure fucked. You are trapped. You are totally screwed. All you have is me, and you love it, because I am hotter than any girl you could get in real life. And I don’t lie to you. It’s not like we are in a committed relationship. You see I don’t really care about you so I’ll always tell you the truth and you love that about me. U are so in love with me n the other brats that you’d never leave. I mean where would you go? You don’t have anyone else. So fall deeply and hopelessly in love, getting weaker and dumber each day. I want it all from you, every shred of dignity, every drop of cum, every penny in your bank account. So fall deeper and deeper in love.
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