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Description: If you love interracial Cuckolding, you’ll love this! This is my top selling cuckolding clip! The storyline: You come home to see me dressed in the sexiest PVC outfit, why do you deserve such surprises when you've been working so hard recently and hardly spending any time with me? Well.. you come to find out that I have a big secret, I've had a friend around whilst you've been doing overtime. My friend isn't some girlfriend to keep me company, my friend isn't a work colleague - no, Instead my friend is a big hung black guy who has been satisfying me in more ways then just keeping me company. You notice the bracelet that I'm wearing which has a heart charm and the words 'BBC' my new addiction. You suddenly realise its getting you rather horny, the way I'm being nasty to you, humiliating you talking about how much better he is that you is starting to make your cock twinge. Suddenly theres a knock at the door its my new black boyfriend. Watch as I show you what a real cock looks like, sucking it and teasing it in-between my tits. You're shocked at the fact that I've taken his cock bareback without a condom, the thought of me possibly being pregnant turns you on even more. Aren't you shocked he lasts more than 5 minutes!? Go and sit in the corner, be a good boy & shut the fuck up, watch me pleasure him until he shoots his thick potent load all over my face and tits.. then come over here and clean it off - if you want to stay living with me. *** ALL MY VIDEOS DO HAVE SOUND, SOUND IS JUST REMOVED ON TRAILERS
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