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Description: CUSTOM VIDEO - VIDEO WAS DIRECTED BY THE PURCHASER - I SAY ‘ED / EDWARD’ THROUGHOUT. THE STORY: Please could you wear the outfit from "Love for Latex". The idea behind this clip is you’re a cruel mistress who's captured me for your sadistic games. I wake up to find you watching me seductively sucking a lolly. I'm naked, tied up. "bout time u woke up ed." u introduce yourself then tell me your gonna suck me dry (as u look down at my cock and press your tongue against your cheek). Please pretend to fit a milking machine beneath my cock. You tell me that if I get hard it's going to slide right into the machine and it's gonna suck the life outta me. Laugh as I struggle to get free & start teasing me by sucking the lolly to get me hard. I try to resist but it's no use. My cock gets closer and closer to the milking machine! Tease me with your ass to send me over the edge. Then to my horror I'm pulled in. Smiling, "I got you now Edward. I'll make your cock cry!" Make me cum multiple times against my will without a break (teasing throughout). Say things like, it's useless struggling, just give up ed. Even if u try to resist it, it's pointless. This won't end until I say so. I'm gonna fuck u and there's nothing u can do. Suffer in the silence of being made to cum. Hahaha you're so pathetic Edward! Let's get more out u slut! Then maybe gyrate on a bed, telling me 2 imagine you’re on top of me. Mention fucking me, laughing as I cum while u talk about this. Then mention about fucking me with a strap on later, u wonder how many times you'll get me to cum as you fuck my ass. Please can you use the sounds of a milking machine throughout the video. Wearing latex I tease you with my curvy latex clad body. A milking machine just above his cock, knowing that as soon as I switch it on you’ll be teased and drained until I’m done with you. Scared to get hard your cock gets closer and closer to the milking machine until you’re sucked in. Theres no way out. Even after you’ve cummed once I’m not done - haha no way. Sucking on my lollipop and teasing with my rubbered up ass. You are is tied, locked up and dominated by me, frustrated trying to struggle free, after the first time cumming your cock is just so sensitive, so sensitive it hurts. You want to get out but you can’t. Suffering, begging to be freed, just imagine how much cum I’d empty if I pegged you into submission
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