BP - Three Perfect Bodies Oil up Asses for Jerk Addict

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Description: Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya all have perfect bodies, and they know how much u like to jerk to them. The beautiful trio of girls teases you, touching each other flirtatiously. Even though they are playful with each other, they would never let you touch their perfect bodies like they touch each other because they’re all hot and you’re a loser. All you can do is sit behind your screen and stroke while they tease u. The girls rub oil all over each other’s butts. You know your life is so sad compared to theirs. Your life is ruled by girls like this. Totally controlled by the beauty they have. The beauties give you a countdown while you look at their perfect oiled asses. You a slave to hot girls. You’ll do whatever the pretty girls say.
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