Goddess Alexandra Snow - Supervillain Sedusa

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Description: By request. Ahh.. So you have broken into my secret lair and now you think you’re going to defeat me. I suppose you must be this city’s “super” hero, huh? I knew there wasn’t much here and this city was ripe for the pickings, but I didn’t know it would be this easy! Do you even know what my super power is, Mr. Masked WhateverYourNameIs? I am Sedusa and I can make any man crumble with attraction to me… watch! See how you can’t even think straight? Allow me to just unmask you… oh geez, you look like a little boy! You’re not a man! No wonder this city was so easy to take over.. let me just remove that ridiculous costume of yours too. Ha ha! Apparently the costume had all the muscles because you certainly don’t! You’re nothing more than a puny weakling with the body of an adolescent boy. You’re certainly no match for me. I’ll bet I can make you explode all over yourself without even touching you and destroy your super powers forever.
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