Ceara Lynch - No Erections - Week 4

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Description: Have you been counting your erections? Should be easy to figure out. Just count all the $100 fees you’ve paid me. You need to show me u can resist your nasty little urges. Getting hard, jerking off, shooting your disgusting cum everywhere. I don’t mind getting paid, but you wanted to become my slave and can’t have someone serving me with a boner all the time. I’m doing this for your sake, training you never get an erection. To be my denial slave means doing all the twisted things I say, even if it means putting on some sexy clothes & sucking a big cock like a loyal little sissy fuck boy. I bet that will keep your ugly cock soft and lifeless. These past weeks should’ve demonstrated how serious I’m about breaking in my pathetic slave boys. If you can’t follow my no-boner rules, then you better clear out that bank account and pay up now.
Models: Ceara Lynch
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