KimberleyJx - Wife goes Black, Behind your Back Again

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Description: …Well theres no use hiding it anymore, I told you last time how I feel about our ‘Sex Life’, how you just don’t please me anymore & you’ve come to terms with the cuckolding lifestyle. You know my addiction for Big black cock is getting stronger and stronger and all you can do is sit back and watch. I could just leave you for a black guy but I love seeing your face when you realise that I was made for black cock. I love turning you into my submissive little slut who will do what he’s told & let me have what I want.. You were shocked to come to terms with the fact I’d been fucking my black friend behind your back & even more shocked when you realised I never used a condom! Watch me take it one step further when you find out that not only have I been fucking him without a condom, I’m also not on any kind of contraceptive. So… theres only one way to reduce the chances of me getting pregnant..
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Models: Kimberley Jx