I WANT FEET - Come With Me…We Want To Tease You

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Description: Danica is your girlfriend! Now if we just stopped right there with that statement that’d be enough to pretty much make you a happy man until you take your last breath. She’s such a wonderful girlfriend though that she’s got another friend of her’s with some sexy soft feet that she wants to tease you with. That is the problem. You only get teased with them. Can u stand it? Knowing that your beautiful, sexy girlfriend Danica has amazing feet and she’s even willing to bring one of her girlfriends over and let you get close to her feet too? BUT that’s it. You can look and they can tease you and talk to you about how great it would be but….well….that’s as close as you’re going to get! Oh well, Danica is still your girlfriend right? But oh boy, imagine if they left you join in as they play footsie with each other and tease you to !
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