Lindsey Leigh - It’s Better To Pop

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Description: There is nothing better than p*ppers while you jerk off or party. Today, I am going to play with your dick while you get completely head fucked. I ask you to snort more and more, the most I have featured in a video before. You are sure to be left dazed and confused by my sensuality. Up and down you stroke until I introduce a dildo, you suck it down like its a meal. Gulping as spit drips from your mouth. Now your fingers begin to face fuck you, what count are whiffs are we on now? Slowly that hand finds it way up your ass and this is all going on while you jerk. Wow now thats talent, I end it with a beginning, intermediate and advanced assignment. This is sure to get your pumping and push your mind so far you lose all physical control. Don’t worry, Ill guide you cum licker!
Models: Lindsey Leigh
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