Kimberly Kane - The Gypsy Curse

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Description: A man visits a gypsy to get his fortune read. She gazes into the crystal ball and sees he is a horrible man. She says out loud, you are a cheat a liar and a thief. You treat everyone you meets with cruelty especially women. The gypsy deems him unworthy to ever touch a woman again. She decided to curse him with extreme lust and crippling impotency. From now on he will wildly crave cock and become aroused when he sees a dirty old men on the street but his dick will never get hard again! The man tries to leave but the spell over takes him. He is unable to move from his chair. The man begs the gypsy to reverse the spell but it’s too late. His fate was sealed long ago. She gives him one last chance to stroke his cock before the curse fully takes effect. She gives him jerk off instruction in a mesmerizing manner and counts him down. When she gets to 1 she stops and tells him he’s not allowed to come with her or anyone ever again!
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