Princess Rene - Irina Takes You to School

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Description: Custom clip. Years ago I stole your checkbook from the gym locker room. You’ve always wanted your revenge and my loser ex boyfriend has finally given it to you! You have all the proof you need to turn me in, ruin my new life, and send me to jail. You have agreed to meet with me so we can discuss. I offer you a deal. I will give you a sexy striptease, stripping off one item of clothing every 20 seconds, for a full 8 minutes! After the 8 minutes is up, you’ll hand over all the documents to me. Surely, you’ll be getting quite the tease and seeing lots of skin, no less! So, will you agree? I can see the hunger in your eyes, yes, you want the strip tease! You want to see my sexy nude body dancing in front of your eyes.
Models: Princess Rene
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