The Mean Girls - We Date Hot Guys

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Description: We want to explain something to you point-blank so it gets through your thick skull: We date HOT guys- NOT losers like YOU. Got it? Good. Cuz We are going to beat that into your little pea brain of yours until we are SURE you get it. And guess what? We don’t CARE how much it hurts your feelings to hear us tell u how UNWORTHY you are of us or how we actually go OUT OF OUR WAY to go fuck hot, tall, model guys with with six-pack abs- while we IGNORE you and treat you like SH*T. Hell, you might be at home cleaning our apartment while we are driving over to some hot guy’s place to suck his cock for all we care. Cry about it. LOL. And guess what else? You will fucking TAKE this verbal abuse from us no matter HOW mean we are to you or how much we laugh in your face and disrespect you- cuz we are “beautiful people” you and you are LUCKY we are even talking to a PEASANT like you! (even if it IS just to crush your ego and make you cry for our entertainment…lol!)
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