Goddess Alexandra Snow - Conversion

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Description: You’re a priest in a monastery. Recently a woman has taken residence in the monastery, seemingly to further her faith. But after her arrival, you started noticing oddities about the other men in your congregation. Your men have started to behave strangely and after a while you start to think the new woman is to blame. You go to confront her about it only to be proven correct. But this woman is not a woman at all. She is a Goddess. It turns out she’s been slowly converting all of the men in the monastery to a religion surrounding her divine beauty and power. She begins to speak of the reality of her divinity and you feel yourself too beginning to fall in love with this Goddess. Before long you will do anything for her. She will teach you the ways her religion by letting your stroke to her Godly image. She’s here to convert you in the most perverse way.
Categories: Femdom POV
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