London Lix - Palming Post Cum T0rture

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Description: Today I want to play around with one of my favorite ways to keep my b0ys in line: post cum t0rture! This is a sure-fire way to remind you of who’s in charge, even when I am sweet enough to grant you an orgasm. I’m even going to be so kind as to give you a chance to escape this t0rture….here’s the game we’re going to play: you’re going to stroke for 6 minutes, under my expert instructions and with plenty of teasing from me in this white hot lingerie set. If you cum by the 6 minute mark? We’re going to spend the rest of the video palming that dick HARD. I’ll show you exactly how I want it done. If you don’t cum by the 6 minute point? No palming…but also no orgasm for you at ALL today. Will your dick be able to resist? Start stroking and find out…
Models: London Lix
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