London Lix - Quasi Virgin

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Description: So many of my fans are what I like to refer to as ‘quasi-virgins’…guys who have ‘technically’ or ‘almost’ had sex, but not really. Let me give you a few examples. Perhaps you had sex ONCE, many years ago. Perhaps you’ve had sex a few times, but they were all paid for. Perhaps you’ve gone down on a woman, touched her breasts, received a blowjob, yet never experienced the ‘real deal’. Perhaps you’ve fucked for a quick few thrusts but not yet finished inside of a woman. Does that even count? I think not. Quasi-virgins, the lot of you! And now here you are, in this kind of purgatory. Stuck in this tortured life. Half a normal man, half a femdom addicted loser. I want to free you from this today. It’s time to give up on sex. It’s time to forget the memories you have of when you paid an escort to take your dick, pretending like they’re anything close to real sex and intimacy. It’s time to stop fantasizing about that blowjob you once had turning into a passionate night of fucking. It’s so much safer and easier to just pump your dick to me. Free yourself of the charade and pretense that comes with trying to be a normal guy, and realize that you’re not: you’re my fully-fledged virgin. And you might just stay this way forever.
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Models: London Lix
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