British Bratz - Open Wide Loser

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Description: Each and every time you eat your cum i want you to be totally mortified and ashamed of yourself. beat yourself up, cry yourself to sleep, stay within the four walls of your abode and let your head go round in circles. The privilege of being able to orgasm comes at a cost and that is one humiliating gulp of your own hot,salty semen. I enjoy the humiliating feeling you go through every single time. You can’t help but stroke your worthless loser dick to my hot body, you follow my lead and hang onto my every word. With every single stroke you are nearing yourself to that finish line, to your mouth full of that disgusting cum and I want you to savour it. I want you to experience the taste of loser every single time as I laugh and verbally abuse you. I know you’re hard just reading this, I know you have that sinking feeling in your stomach right now and I know you’re going to follow this clip from start to finish and thank me for the opportunity of degrading yourself just as you deserve.
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