Miss London Lix - Momentum

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Description: A new, sensual, erotic kind of ruined release. You have heard of edging, you’ve heard of gooning, but I want to get you to a point today that I like to call ‘momentum’. Think of your cock as like a freight train, moving super fast, and suddenly having to stop. There’s an element of momentum here, as the residual energy carries that train past the finish line regardless of how hard the brakes are on. I want to do the same thing to your dick. I want you to pump, and edge, and goon so much, 4 so long, that you get to the point where even when you stop stroking, your cock continues twitching and releases anyway, spurting out it’s load to the lingering feeling of where your hand was rapidly stroking just moments before. I’ll talk and tease you through your first edge or two, and then it’s up to you, to build up and achieve Momentum.
Models: London Lix
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