Anikka Albrite - Collar Your Wife For Me

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Description: Anikka starts this clip by pulling out your cock and telling she wants to play.. she sucks your cock and says “You know I suck your cock way better than your wife”. Then she tells u that she has been thinking that she wants to go on more trips with you and spend more of your money. But there’s just not enough money for Anikka and for your wife. So she has a solution. She pulls out a collar and tells you that she wants your wife 2 be her slave. She continues to stroke and suck your cock as she praises you for not giving your wife a birthday present this year so you could give Anikka a ring. She tells you that your wife will now serve both of us. She tells you that if you dont do it, she will stop sucking your cock and leave. You don’t want that. You REALLY don’t want that. You know you’ll do anything Anikka tells you. She slips your wedding ring off your finger and puts it on her toe. Then she tells you that your wife is going to live in a crate in the garage, on the cold floor. She stands up and starts rubbing her ass on your cock and tells u what it will feel like when you finally get to put your cock inside her. You know you need this.
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