Goddess Foot Domination - Your Yoga Class Embarrassment

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Description: You are in yoga class with quiet instructor Angelina Diamanti. You’re trying to keep up with the poses and stretches, but you can’t stop looking at Angelina’s sexy bare feet. She catches you staring and tries to belittle you by suggesting that you’re a foot perv. She holds up her sweaty soles & tells you to lick them. You don’t say a word and silently obey. You lick her full salty soles and even clean between her long toes with your tongue. It’s so nasty, but so damn exhilarating at the same time. Angelina knows that you’ve gotten a taste of perfection and now will do anything she commands. She tells u to jerk off, right there in class. It doesn’t matter that others might see you; only focus on the woman who is making your foot fantasies come true. Angelina says “keep jerking that little dick & cum on my feet.” When u finish, she makes you lick it all up. She owns you now! Fuck yoga. This is the daily routine u really need.
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