Natalie Wonder - Filthy Flats

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Description: These flats are absolutely filthy and disgusting. And I’ve been wearing them all day. When I take these off you will see how dirty they’ve gotten. The insides are black and filled with my foot grime. These flats are more than four years old and I wear them everywhere! I’ve used & abused these many times. The bottoms are getting worn away. They kinda smell too. Not terribly but you will smell the subtle scent of my foot. Although these look like very cute, demure flats…they have spikes on the tips. Don’t make me have to shove these down your throat because they will hurt. You can’t resist pair of my worn, filthy flats right up in your face. These are my fav pair of flats so you need to get them clean and shiny again. You will clean the bottoms AND the black grimy insides too. I will make you take some deep whiffs too. Yum. Taste the years of my caked on foot sweat and grime.
Categories: Femdom POV Fetish
Models: Natalie Wonder
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