Lacy Luck - I'd Never Let You Touch Me

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Description: This is a custom video. No names are used. To order your own custom clip, use the contact info on my studio homepage. The Order: POV Racist Role-Play A continuation on the other racial role play videos. Lacy is horny and begins to masturbate thinking she is alone. Just as she's getting into it, she hears a sound from the closet. She's shocked to see its the same black cable guy from (Princesses Don't Fuck N-words and Racist Humiliation JOI). He's come into her house to peep! Lacy is angry and unleashes a barrage of insults, only to see that the intruder is not offended, instead he is excited! His hard-on can't be missed. Lacy is incredulous, but she still feels horny from before she was so rudely interrupted, so she decides to have some fun before calling the cops. "Whip it out and start stroking it," she commands. Lacy resumes masturbating while taunting the black guy with the fact that she would never let him touch her. She pulls down her nightgown, revealing her breasts while telling the n*** all the reasons why he'd never be good enough. "It turns me on to insult and humiliate you!" Lacy says, moaning and touching herself. Lacy gets hornier and meaner with her insults as she gets more excited. "Stroke it for me!" Her intruder is too turned on to do anything but comply. Lacy demands him to cum on command, telling him how to jerk it and counting him down from 10.
Categories: Femdom POV
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