Princess Chloe - The Ex

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Description: You knew this conversation was going to arise sooner or later. It’s about time I just told you the truth about everything…………well, I have been cheating on you. I have been fucking another guy behind your back, for months. He’s just so different, so much better than you in SO many ways. Firstly, he knows how to fuck me and he has a HUGE dick. You simply can't accept that I no longer want you in my life and have moved on. I have a new boyfriend now, who is so much better than you but your still here begging to be back in my life. Well I could find some use for my slave. Yes, you can become my lowly servant. Doing errands and chores for me. Working away making sure I still live the life of luxury I deserve. You could even serve my burly boyfriend too, now that would be degrading wouldn't it. So listen carefully as I simply put you in your place. From Ex Boyfriend to lowly slave. You have some chores to get on with and this chastity device to put on, so get started slave.
Categories: Femdom POV Cuckolding
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