Princess Melissa's Tribute Game

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Description: It's hilarious how stupid I make you its make the torturing and teasing even more enjoyable. How fucking HOT do I like and how fucking WEAK do you feel. You are totally helpless to my powers. Completely overtaken and controlled. It's simple really. I think even a brain fool like yourself could work this one out. Yes, the reason you was put on this earth was to PAY, PAY ME. Your almighty GOD, your leader, your weakness, ME! I deserve your money, right in my greedy palms just where it belongs. I deserve to live the finer life whilst you live in squalor. I literally have broken you down so much I have you wrapped around my little finger. I love playing games with you, fucking with your head. It really does bring me so much joy. Teasing and denying and draining in every way possible. So today I want to play one of my favourite games, the Tribute Game. Can you resist the game? Probably NOT. I tease you into a horny oblivion your dick and your wallet think they are in heaven. Well you are whenever I am on your PC screen. Play my game because you should, because I deserve your money and because your just a lowly money slave. Nothing more or nothing less. I will drain you dry and your bank balance is going to be in the RED. Nice of me to wear my red dress and red soles just to remind you BUT the thought of going into the red for me is what makes that dick hard. So enter my game loser!
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