Miss Olivia Berzinc - Olivia is Your New Obsession

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Description: You only have to look at Olivia, standing there looking amazing in her knee high boots, tiny PVC corset, underwear and long powerful legs, to understand why she is such a GODDESS. She has the body of an ALPHA Queen, and her female curves make you feel completely inferior, intimidated and pathetic. And rightly so, you are looking at DIVINE PERFECTION. You are not worthy to kiss the ground she walks on.''Go on pant like a pathetic dog. Bet you love that ASS of mine?'' The good news is Miss Olivia Berzinc is offering you, her lower beings a chance to worship her TODAY. How does it feel to know that your going to become one of her minions. Bet her Tits are mesmerising you... Hypnotising you... making that worthless cock of yours bulge?As her minion, you will live a life completely dedicated to her your GOD. You will part with money for her without question. Everything you own, every asset you have will soon be hers. You will sacrifice everything and devote yourself to her. You will strive to be her most loyal minion. Admit it, with a body as devine as hers she will soon have you hypnotised and dominated, eager to serve. ''Is that cock hard yet? shall I give you bluer balls?''
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