Angela Sommers - Ice Queen Seduction

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Description: I am the Ice Queen welcome to me Frozen Lair, You do know why you are here all tied up don't you? I'm going to seduce the Do-gooder right out of you, and you will be an evil Villain like me, or wait, even better, one of my henchman! Why do you fight for god? Those mortals don't deserve our help! I will now seduce you to the dark side, you will do as I say, as I please, however I like when I like, this is your new Fate. See these curves, my soft smooth skin, juicy lips?... Get on your knees when you are looking upon my enchanted naked form, you are not worthy to stand in my presence, that's it be a good boy and kneel, kneel before your new Mistress. For I am the evil Ice Queen and you will do as I say....
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