Bella - Raceplay racist white girl hates small asian dinks SPH

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Description: Bella is a mean & racist white girl who doesn't have a problem saying exactly what's on her mind, especially to negros, chinks & spics. She hates all of them invading the good ole US of A & taking all the jobs!! She thinks asian guys are super nerdy & gives you for checking her out. Nerdy asian ch*nks aren't ever going to get white girls like her... ever! you wish nerd boi. She even makes fun of your slant eyes & calls you lots of different racist names for asian men. She thinks all asians have small penises & she's totally right on this one when you take it out to show her! She makes fun of how you jack off with your thumb & forefinger until you cum your little piddly amount & she bursts out laughing!!! You have to finish fixing her computer for FREE now
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