Princess Chloe - Drink and Drain

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Description: Alone all again on a Saturday night, it’s nothing new to a sad pathetic loser like you. Being a loner is what you are used to. So let’s have a drink this Saturday evening. I can be your ‘interactive’ friend for the evening. So grab a bottle of the strongest liquor you can find and a shot glass. Oh, and don’t forget your credit card. Friends don’t come cheap these days. You don’t have any friends so you will pay hard for the privilege of having Princess Chloe as your ‘interactive’ friend this evening. Chloe is your weakness; you have always felt stupid and weak around her. Her voice penetrates your head and completely controls you. Tonight she wants you to drink and follow her commands. What has she got in store for you apart from intoxicating your mind with herself and alcohol and completely draining your account and yourself of any dignity? Do as your superior orders. Drink, Jerk and Spend. You will watch this on your evening indoors whilst Princess Chloe will be out partying with real men. Just to remind yourself what a sad pathetic wimp you really are.
Categories: Femdom POV
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