Lady Esme Faye - Worthless Jerking Loser

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Description: Hard already, the title of this clip made you hard for my bratty words and the GIF just made it that bit harder to resist. You know it's true, you know how worthless you are, how utterly stupid your life has become. You know how perfect I am, how perfect my life is, how I can easily drain the cum and the money right out of you. It's a god given talent to women as beautiful as me.So jerk your cock for me loser, because I know that's exactly what you came here for, this is the only happy part of your day, where you can bask in the afterglow of my insults, and you can jerk your cock to my hot body and brutal truth. I'm just a cocktail of insults today so you're in for a treat, ready to start pumping that hand freak?
Categories: Femdom POV
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