Humiliation POV Bratty Ashley Sinclair: Strip Tease And Denial For Suckers

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Description: I am going to dance and show off and tease you and I want you to pull your cock out and start slowly stroking it. But don’t cum unless I tell u to, ok? Read less Watch me dance and strip completely naked to some hot tunes! I am gonna shake my ass and do some of my sexiest moves for you while you stroke. I know just how to make that cock throb. I am such a tease! And I know you are a sucker for my perfect, naked body. I know you are rock hard by now after watching me dance, strip and get naked. I told you, you could stroke but that doesn’t mean you get to cum. It must really suck to watch a hot girl dance naked for you while you jerk and then not be able to cum. Well that’s kinda your situation right now. You get to watch me n get really, really hard, you even get to jerk your cock. You should consider yourself so lucky even though I don’t think I am going to let you cum. I just want to get you hard and make you feel really good and then just deny you, completely. I am gonna leave you with blue balls. It’s gonna suck but I don’t really care. If fact, I think it’s funny. You are just going to watch this and get so hard and get so close, and then just stop. Stroke it again loser. Now stop. LOL! You are so easy. Kinda drives you crazy, doesn’t it? You want to cum so bad, but I am going to deny you that privilege. And you know it’s a privilege to be able to cum to my naked body. No cumming for u today. Stop stroking!
Models: Bratty Ashley
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