Femdomshed - Princess Brook - I get your house you get a mouthful of my piss

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Description: Do you remember the little deal we had? The one where you signed all your belongings over to me? Your house, your car, your bank accounts…. Well, today is your lucky day bitch. Today is the day you've been waiting for. I got what I wanted, and now it's time for you to get what you wanted. I hope it was worth it…. You gave everything up for me didn't you? All your worldly possessions are now mine, and all because you were desperate to get a mouthful of my steaming hot piss. Only a real loser would give everything up for a kinky moment of pleasure, but I've got you wrapped around my finger haven't I? Open your mouth bitch. This is your treat. This is what you've painfully waited for for so long. I'm gona piss right into your mouth and you can swallow it all like the pathetic little piss drinker you are! OPEN WIDE PISS BOY!
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