MFC’s Miss Reina T - Nurse JOI Countdown

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Description: “Come to visit the sperm bank to give your sample, however there are no magazines for you to jerk off to! Don’t worry the sexy Asian nurse will assist you with that. First she will instruct you to stroke your cock until you get hard, listen to her carefully she will help you cum. She starts getting horny herself, watching you play with your cock what happens next?” Hope you all enjoy this. It’s my first upload. Hope there are no issues. She is one of my ATFs. I wish there was more content of her here. Seriously considering spending the $340 to get a year long membership to her ManyVids channel. But anyways she’s really good at the JOI videos and it’s really hot from beginning to end. Try to cum when she tells you to. Hint, it’s near the very end. It’s fun :).
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