Jerk4PrincessUK - KACIE - Say My Name And Fall Deep Into Goddess Trance

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Description: “Say My Name”. Kacie is a glowing Goddess vision. It is so easy to fall for her, to be transfixed by her beautiful face, her deep blue eyes, her soft enchanting words and the slow sway of her body. “Say My Name” This is the gateway, the trigger that deepens your erotic trance. “Say My Name” and accept her sensual control, totally captivated by her gaze, lulled by her words. Let go of everything. “Say My Name” and worship her perfection, admire every curve as she moves for you. Your dick is an extension of her being. Stroke it. Worship it. She needs to feel your pleasure. Stroke. Worship. Cum. “Say My Name” and fill her with your love. FEATURES: Subtle Video & Audio Layers, Word Repetition & Breath Control to enhance your induction. Kacie hypnotises you to become very aroused by saying her name while you in trance, She is wearing a gold silky dress. Worship her by going deep into her trance and saying her name.
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