Kaitlin Grey - Virgin Loser CEI

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Description: You always come back for more dont you! You are addicted to everything about me even though you cant have me. Now follow my directions loser. You are going to watch me touch this body. No touching your cock just yet! You are so excited! I bet youve never touched a girl huh, are you a virgin? Ha! What am I saying!? Of course youre a fucking virgin! Now drop those pants, no touching yet. Just sit there with your hard cock and stare at me. The poor little loser virgin! Now start wanking that cock for me, nice and slow. I bet you would love for me to be riding you right now. Hahaha you know what will never happen! I love to humiliate you; it gives me such a rush! Now jerk faster. Thats it. No cumming until I say so. Since you are SUCH a loser, tonight you get to each your own cum for me! Ohhh yes, you are going to lap up every last salty drip! I dont care if you dont like it. Just stare at my body and think about it now jerk it faster!!! You better catch up every drop or I will kick your ass loser! Now stop jerking! Haha. Oh I love fucking with you. Now jerk it bitch and cum in 1098 – Kaitlin
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