Natalie Wonder - Mommy Fixes Your Big Problem

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Description: Story: I overheard my son talking to his friend on the phone about a certain “problem” he’s been having with girls. I can’t even believe what I heard. What kind of stupid girls is my son hanging around with? They’re just inexperienced and intimated. But I wonder how big it is really? Is is really that huge that most girls are scared to have sex with him? I’m going to need to see his penis for myself. He’ll have to show his mother. It makes me feel so proud though. REAL WOMEN love BIG COCK. It’s those immature girls my son keeps going after. Good riddance, they don’t deserve him & his big cock anyways. He deserves ME, the experienced kind of sexy older woman who CAN take that huge cock of his inside of me. I need to go confront him about this. I HAVE to. I’m usually quite conservative about things but this is different. He’ll have to accept it. Sweetie, can I sit down? We need to talk. Is everything okay? Yeah? Come on now, tell mommy the truth. I see it in your face. Okay listen, I heard everything you saying on the phone. Don’t be upset, I just happened to be in the next room. Is it really that big? You need to show me. Come on, get it out. I need to see this monstrosity for myself. Bigger is always better sweetie. If those stupid girls can’t handle it then you need to forget them & let a real woman ride it for you. A real woman like mommy. I can take your thick cock. Slide up & down slowly, letting you feel every inch of my warm, wet pussy. I’ll take it all in for you sweetie.
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