Humiliation POV - Luscious Lindsey - You Can Have Me Boss, Just Leave Her, I Know You Want To

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Description: You know the thing is we work together and I see you all the time, and I see that grumpy, pathetic look on your face. And I know its because of her, at home, your wife. And I see the way you look at me and how hot I am. And how much you want me, how much you crave me, and how much you fucking need me. Isnt that right, boss? And I know exactly what youre going to do next. Youre gonna leave her for me. I mean look at you, youre miserable at home. And you cant stay away from me. You love how hot I am. You dont think Ive noticed all those times when you eyeball me, when you perv on me, staring at me. Checking out my rack, my long legs, my perfect ass. You want me. Youve always wanted me. And nows your chance to have me. The only thing you have to do is leave her, leave your wife for me. You can do it, I know you want to. I know how badly youve been wanting me. I know youve thought about this, leaving her for me, but you thought, theres no way that I would want you. But I want you to leave her. Dont you want my sweet pussy? Dont you wanna get rid of your ugly, annoying, nagging wife? Cmon boss, look at me, does your wife look like this? I know that hideous bitch doesnt even compare. Go on, just dump her. How many times have you thought about that? Keep staring at me. And if you dont leave her, every time you walk into the office, youre going to see me and regret it. So I know that eventually you will break down and leave her. Would you rather have me around your arms than that embarrassment of a wife? I know you would, buying me whatever I want, spoiling me, getting to touch me. Think about touching me and then think about touching her. See how it excites you? Think of the look on her ugly face as you serve her those divorce papers. Youll leave her for me and then youll give me everything I want, because Ill be the hottest wife youll ever get. Come here, do you wanna touch me? Oh not yet You know what I want first You want this pussy, say bye bye to your wife.
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