Money girls - Blackmail - Ricky wants money to keep it a secret!

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Description: You’d be much better off if you took a bag like this and put it over your disgusting head, and then throw yourself into a dumpster and just jerk off until u are d.e.@.d.. You can just pay me to tie a bag around your head while you make a bed in a fucking dumpster, in some dark alley where no one will discover you and just jerk your pathetic dick as you think about what a pathetic piece of slime youre. Jerk your fucking dick as you begin to lose air, getting off on the fact that you are going to d.!.e. while you jerk to the fact that you are useless fucking slime. And all the while you are going to be paying me. Paying me for the pleasure of d.y.!.n.g. under my instruction, paying me to rid you from society because nobody here wants you.
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