Princess Kaelin - Seducing Your Mind With Every Word That Flows From My Lips

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Description: Hello my pet. I can tell that youre already feeling very relaxed, just by hearing my voice, just by staring into my eyes. You see, some women prefer to take minds by force, forcing you to submit with harsh truths about yourself. But I prefer to seduce your mind. I like to have your mind lay down and submit to me. I dont need to force you, its much more pleasant this way, if you let me inside your mind, instead of me barging in the front door, dont you think? Breathe in for me and let it out. And as you let it out I want you to feel relaxed and open to suggestion. As you exhale I want you to imagine yourself opening up that door to your mind for me and letting me inside. You wouldn't want to leave a pretty girl like me out in the cold now would you? Of course not. Good boy. Its nice inside your mind. I like being in control. I like controlling minds and you like being controlled. And now that Im in here, Im going to put my stamp on everything. Your money belongs to me. Your cock, it belongs to me. Everything inside this mind belongs to me. Im going to invade your mind until theres not a thought inside your head that doesnt have my name on it. Its so much better when Im in control of your mind. I know whats best for you. And you know that, thats why you let me inside your mind. And now that Im in here, it feels so good, doesnt it? It feels so nice to hear me speaking gently right into your brain, seducing your mind with every word that flows from my lips. Controlling you, turning your mind into my personal playground. You feel better already, dont you? Its nice to give up control. It feels so good to sit there and not have to think. Ill do it for you. Having me inside your mind is the most relaxing thing youve ever felt, its total bliss. Soon you're going to be so addicted to having me inside of your mind. Soon you wont know what to think if Im not there to tell you what to think. Completely addicted to having me control your every thought. Just let go. Let it all go. Princess Kaelin owns your mind. I own you, I own your mind, I own your cock. I know whats best for you. You are in love with being controlled by me.
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