Miss H - Office Perv Put In Chastity By HR Director

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Description: Miss HI understand that this is your first time coming to HR. And youre a little confused as to why youre here. Well a lot of women in the office have been sending in complaints about you. They are complaining about your lack of self control. All of the women complain that you stare at them, perv on them, every time they walk by you. And honestly it makes them uncomfortable. And then it seems you go to the bathroom for like twenty minutes. That seems like a long time.. I wonder what youre doing in there, no rather, I Know what youre doing in there. So because of these complaints and the large amount of time you spend in the restroom, we need to fix this. And this is a very strange, particular situation and I wasnt quite sure how to handle it. But I think I have a solution we can work with. We are giving you an HR mandated chastity device. Dont act surprised, I know you know what that is. You probably own one already, but if not, we have one for you. And you Must wear this at work from now on. And I will hold the key. So every day you will come here to HR and Im going to put it on, lock it, and hold the key. And at the end of the day, I will unlock it for you. I believe this is for your benefit as well as for the ladies who work here. You see youre not focused, I need you to be more productive and get more work done. Its going to be a better environment for everyone. No more long bathroom breaks, youre going to have to sit at your desk and suffer in your cage. I believe this is the only way to handle the large volume of complaints coming in about you. And you really have no choice, either I lock you up or were firing you. And I know you dont want to be fired. Are you getting turned on by this idea? I see that strange look in your eyes. Youre looking at me differently knowing that Im going to be your key holder, locking your dick every day. And this starts right now because I know if I dont that as soon as you walk out of here youre going to go into the bathroom and jerkoff about our little exchange here. So drop your pants, Im going to lock you up, and you come back here at five oclock and Ill release you. Now stop being a pervy creep, we dont need that here. We need you to be a good little worker bee. Productive and focused.
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