Raven Bay - My Step Sister Locked Me Into Chastity!

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Description: You have a slutty, sexy step sister named Raven. She is in charge of the house while your parents are out and she has a little present for you. She pulls a metal item out of a pink bag and it looks like some kind of dick cage. Raven announces that you will be permitted to cum one more time before she locks up your dick. Did you know that it will be really painful for you when your dick gets hard within the confines of that cold steel? Raven doesn't care and, in fact, she looks forward to your pain. Get to stroking yourself quickly because you want to make sure that you please Raven. If you displease her, you will have a lot of chores to keep you busy. She very quickly demands that you cum for her, but you are unable to do so. Raven decides that you need more stimulation and she takes down her shorts to reveal her fat, round ass. That is all you get for now, visually speaking. Raven urges you to keep stroking yourself and she wants to see how big of a load you will give her. She is unimpressed with your offering and she locks you up nice and tight in the chastity device. You find that hearing the metal clanging is arousing you, but then she locks you up. Now what do you do? Raven makes fun of you and how stupid you look in the dick cage. She threatens to tell your girlfriend about your predicament unless you do as you are told for the rest of the week.
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