Electra94 – Pregnant JOI

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Description: Background: You’ve seen me glancing at you in class. You’ve always foundme attractive, but you were too coy to do anything about it. You finally couldn’ttake it knowing the baby would be here soon, you just take me back to yourhouse after school hiding your intent until now. Story: You sit on your bed and say you have something to show me. You know I have a thing for pregnant girls Slowly you pull up your shirt revealing your pregnant belly then tell me to feel your belly. You grin deviously as you can tell I now have a raging boner. “Why do you think I brought you here?”you say. You start talking about how sexy you feel having a baby growing inside you and how you love how big your belly is getting. You encourage me to get my cock out and jack off to you. You talk about how you LOVE giving blowjobs and swallowing pretending that your belly is full of cum. (all this time you stoke your belly and boobs as you watch me) You can see I’m getting closer now. You ask if I want to feel my cum in your pregnant belly. You sensuously describe how it would feel to have my cock down your throat as you swallow on it stroking me to pump load after load into your pregnant stomach making your belly heavier and rounder with each gulp. You’re getting excited now and right as I’m about to cum you take a dildo (squirting one if you have it) pretending it’s my cock and push it against your stomach (balls side away from camera) and stroke it against your belly. You press it firmly against your belly as I completely unload on your tummy. You seductively rub all the cum into your belly.
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